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Here at Classic Designs Jewelry, Apo has helped in creating some of the most beautiful and unique engagement rings! He is a strong believer in building the perfect engagement ring just the way you imagine it. 

All of the staff at Classic Designs would love to sit down, and help discuss the intricate details that you are looking for in an engagement ring.


We write down, draw out, and help design your ring with 3D technology. All these tools perfectly bring your desires together. Then we create your masterpiece with the exact material you choose, and the finishing touches are made by our in house jeweler. 


Every engagement ring we create, we make it personal to you and your family, because you are a part of our family at Classic Designs. Would my wife fall in love with this? Would my fiance say yes to this? Would this make my little girls happy? Throughout every step of our process you will take comfort in knowing you are in good hands and we are making your dream ring.


When it comes to providing information about what diamond to choose, Apo loves to showcase and provide information on the broad range of diamonds that can help you pick the best for your taste. Below is some additional information about diamonds to start you on your journey to designing the perfect ring!

Gabriel & Co. Bridal

Classic Designs Jewelry exclusively works with Gabriel & Co. for their bridal line in the Santa Clarita valley. Gabriel constantly is changing their styles, adding new details and style for you to choose from. 

If there is a certain style you are interested from Gabriel & Co, we are more then happy to order said ring and allow you to see it in person. And then set a beautiful diamond we have in store for the perfect engagement ring. 

Let's See

Check out Gabriel's website and see what style you prefer. When you are done finding the style(s) you like, go ahead and send us a message of those styles and we can order them! 

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