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Here at Classic Designs Jewelry, Apo has helped in creating some of the most beautiful and unique engagement rings! He is a strong believer in building the perfect engagement ring just the way you imagine it. 

All of the staff at Classic Designs would love to sit down, and help discuss the intricate details that you are looking for in an engagement ring.

Every engagement ring we create, we make it personal to you and your family, because you become part of our family at Classic Designs. We write down, draw out, and help design your ring with 3D technology. All these tools perfectly bring your desires together. Then we create your masterpiece with the exact materials you choose, and the finishing touches are made by our in house jeweler. 

When it comes to providing information about what diamond to choose, Apo loves to showcase and provide information on the broad range of diamonds that can help you pick the best for your taste. Below is some additional information about diamonds to start you on your journey to designing the perfect ring!

Antwerp Diamond

Apo has been going to Antwerp Belgium since 1992, going twice a year. He goes there specifically to hand select diamonds for you. This is a very special moment for a lot of people and Apo wants to make it even more special without any extra charges. 

Gabriel & Co.

Let's See

Classic Designs Jewelry prides ourselves with exclusively selling Gabriel & Co. engagement rings in the Santa Clarita Valley. Gabriel & Co’s collection of exquisite engagement rings feature beautifully detailed settings, brilliantly cut stones and lively colored gemstones that showcase Gabriel’s incomparable craftsmanship. Browse thousands of styles and choose the perfect engagement ring for your fiancé-to-be.

Check out Gabriel's website and see what style you prefer. When you are done finding the style(s) you like, go ahead and send us a message of those styles and we can order them! 

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