Designing It

The diamond band in marriage is to help symbolize eternal love. Having the engagement ring and the wedding band put together means a devotion by two parties to love and cherish each other. 

The way we go about creating and designing the wedding band is basically create whatever you think would help solidify the devotion of both your loves! There are a multiple different designs that can be created! Also there is no correct way of creating a wedding band. Everything comes down to what you love!

Having so many wedding bands to choose from, it's sometimes hard to know what will look best for your engagement ring set. A very popular style that is creating with the band, are forming around the engagement ring. Which creates this amazing and beautiful halo style around the engagement ring. 

Another popular style that we do for wedding bands is an eternity band. For this, we typically like to match the diamond size on the engagement ring band so it has a very balanced look. An eternity band is a style that goes 

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