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How to clean your jewelry the RIGHT way

Everyone wants their beautiful jewelry to shine & sparkle. We have a couple of methods that can help make that happen.

Easy & Best Way

The easiest way is clean your jewelry is to come to us! We have an ultrasonic with a specialized chemical that helps clean the jewelry piece. On top of that, we have a pressurized steamer that helps get rid of anything that can stop that beautiful glow from your jewelry.

At Home Way

There is a variety of different at-home methods that work. Some people will actually buy a smaller ultrasonic cleaner to help clean their jewelry which does work. Another method we found is to simply put your jewelry in hot water, and let it soak for a little bit. Then get some dish soap and a toothbrush and softly brush the front & back of the jewelry pieces. Once you are done, make sure you ring off the soap and dry carefully. Do not press too hard otherwise you could break prongs or stones. It may be not the same quality of cleaning we can do, but it will get your jewelry cleaned!

On the Go

While you are on the go showing off that beautiful ring, you may look down and see it doesn't sparkle. You won't have dish soap with you. And you may be somewhere on the beach enjoying that amazing breeze soaking in the sun. We have a great on-the-go jewelry cleaning pen that can just stay in the pocket of your purse. All you have to do is twist the cap and a brush comes out and cleans away around the beautiful center stone. A special soap comes out to help get rid of anything that is under the stone. Then you run the jewelry piece under water and you are back on the beach enjoying that breeze.

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