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Creating an engagement ring is a memorable experience. It's an emotional experience that takes time and decision-making surrounded by love.

Being a family-owned jewelry store we understand all the details that go into wanting to design the perfect engagement ring for that special person.

Classic Designs Jewelry has the formula to help you create that special engagement ring just for you.

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Figuring out a budget

The experts use to say, "Figure on two months salary to buy the perfect engagement ring."

Times have definitely changed and everyone now has their own ideas on how much they would like to spend.

It truly is a personal decision, and at Classic Designs Jewelry, we can accommodate any budget you may have.  We are here to help make it easier for you.

The size and clarity of the diamond, style, and even if you want a natural mined diamond vs. the new lab-grown diamond: all of these factors will determine the cost of the engagement ring you are dreaming of.


Choosing a style

There are many different styles of engagement rings to choose from. Once you have selected your center diamond shape, you can concentrate on the best style to compliment the beautiful diamond.  You may discover that you like the modern look with a halo around the center stone, or a filigree design, or even a simple bezel setting around the diamond.  The choice is yours!

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Figuring out the diamond shape

The first step in creating the perfect engagement ring is deciding upon what diamond shape you desire.

Each diamond has its own unique shape and characteristics that make it stand apart from other diamonds.


Designing a custom engagement ring can be overwhelming.  At Classic Designs Jewelry, we understand your concerns and questions.   We are here for you! You can schedule an appointment with us to go over all the details!

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