We have the selection of Engagement/Bridal rings you are searching for, or we can custom design the ring your heart desires and you are dreaming of.

Owning and operating a jewelry store and being a Master Jeweler allows us to take your engagement ring shopping one step further.

We know couples have a certain style, design, or unique timeless look that they have in mind.  At Classic Designs Jewelry, we listen and value your opinion on what your desires are.


We can partner with you to create your customized and uniquely special 
Engagement ring.  Whether you have a sketch in mind or a family diamond you want to include, we can work together to come up with the perfect creation.


At Classic Designs Jewelry we create a memory and a special timeless piece of jewelry you will always cherish and be proud to wear.


"The diamond shape you desire for your Engagement ring is a personal choice.  There are numerous shapes to choose from.  Each diamond shape determines what unique style will work best to create the ring of your dreams.


White, Yellow, Rose and even Two-Tone Gold are all possibilities when we create your beautiful Engagement ring. The choice is up to you.



At Classic Designs Jewelry we realize that Engagement rings are a very personal choice.  Everyone has a unique and different idea of how they want their classic engagement ring to be personalized.  When customizing an engagement ring we pay attention to the smallest details our customers may desire.

We take a special interest in helping our customers select a style that fits their unique personality; may it be a classic Solitaire look, Vintage, or even enhancing your diamond with a Halo of diamonds.

Wedding Bands

"A wedding ring signifies that your love for one another is endless and will last forever."  

     Most couples use tough metals such as gold or  platinum that are hard to break, to create their wedding bands. Did you know that these metals represent the fact that the love a married couple has for one another will be tough to break?

     At Classic Designs Jewelry we can design the wedding band that you desire and love.  There are many choices of styles and options to choose from.  We can show and share with you sample ideas and styles; from an "eternity diamond band", which  gives a balanced look,to a "fitting band" which matches the engagement ring, with or without gemstones-diamonds, or there is the "matching band" which compliments the look of the engagement ring.

     We also carry a wide selection of men's wedding bands.  We have the classic white, and yellow gold band without gemstones, or we can custom design a wedding band with the gemstones you desire.