One of the beautiful parts of owning a jewelry store is being able to see all the beautiful and unique designs people create while thinking of their significant other. It's truly an amazing process that really showcases how much people really think about their significant other. It is a beautiful process that we cherish dearly. 


The diamond shape fully creates the look of the engagement ring. Deciding on the diamond shape will then allow you to decide how to build and create the beautiful engagement ring. Especially having to choose from 10 diamond shapes, the possibilities are endless. 


There are 3 different colors of gold to choose from when creating the beautiful engagement ring. They are overall the same standard when it comes to the karat weight. 


There are a lot of beautiful and unique styles to choose from when it comes to creating an engagement ring. There is no right answer, there is just what your heart thinks suits her the best. Some of the common styles are; solitaire's, having a HALO of diamonds, vintage, 3-stone, and an endless possibles


Engagement rings are very personal and there are the fine details that make you think of your significant other. Those fine details is what we want to put in for the engagement ring. We are able to put in all those special details that makes you think of her. 

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