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Jewelry Repair

At Classic Designs Jewelry, we pride ourselves in completing exceptional repair work in a timely manner. We offer a broad range of repair services: resizing rings, re-tipping prongs, resetting stones, rhodium plating, replacing watch batteries, etc. If anyone can do it, we can.

Before we make any repairs, we carefully will examine your jewelry and recommend the needed repairs - making you feel comfortable every step of the way. 


Re-Tip Prongs

Overtime rings need some maintenance and upkeep. One of the many maintenance needed is re-tipping the prongs which means resecuring the piece where it holds the stone in place.  

Re-sizing Ring

"Don't you know that rings shrink?" Is a funny joke we like to tell people who inquire about ring resizing. We are fully able to ring resize any rings. We have a variety of different methods of making the ring fit perfectly on your finger! 


Chain Repair

Chains over time get stretched out and snap. They sometimes require needing to be soldered together so they can continue to wear them. Also, they can maybe need to change out the clasp for something a bit easier to wear; lobster, magnetic, or whatever seems a better fit. 


Watch Repair

Some of our favorite watches are just like cars. Over time it requires some maintenance when the watch starts slowing down a bit, skips a beat or two, or may stop working altogether. We would love to get your watch working perfectly again. 

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