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Antwerp Diamonds

What's special about Antwerp Diamonds?

Antwerp is the Capitol of the world when it comes to mined diamonds. The best diamond cutters in the world are located here. Precisely cutting un-refined diamonds to be the most perfect diamond shape ever. Diamond cutters have been cutting diamonds since the 15th century. 

Classic Designs Jewelry has been going to Antwerp Belgium for over 30+ years to get beautiful diamonds. Specifically choosing the exact shape, size, and the best part the amazing price. Not only do we get you a perfect diamond that is cut by the perfectionist diamond cutters, but we also get you an amazing price for that amazing diamond. 

Feel free in contacting us about getting a beautiful Antwerp Diamond. Apo leaves twice a year, sometimes in April & October. Classic Designs Jewelry would love to go over getting you a beautiful Antwerp diamond and discussing all the details with getting one. 

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